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What does nicotine do to eyes?

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Vision Loss, Blindness, and Smoking | Overviews of DiseasesSmoking can lead to serious eye conditions that can cause vision loss or blindness, including cataracts and macular degeneration

Smoking Can Lead to Vision Loss or BlindnessThe risk of eye disease and vision loss can be lowered if you:: Quit smoking! He or she may prescribe a nicotine replacement therapy or other medicationHow Vaping Can Damage Your Eyesight | Bard OpticalWhat Are The Risks Of Vaping? Smoking increases risk of developing eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. These risks 

What does nicotine do to your eyes
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How vaping may damage your vision - All About VisionVaping can damage your vision, as well as your overall health, eye doctors, researchers and the CDC say. Learn more about the risks of vaping

How Vaping Affects Your Vision and Eye Health - HollywoodOct 1, 2019 — What concerns do you have about vaping? Vaping or the use of to people who vape. What are the health risks or potential harm to the eye?European Coalition for Vision – Statement on DamagingDec 11, 2013 — As a Coalition, we advocate for anything which can assist smokers to quit are two studies pointing to the damaging effects of nicotine on eye 

What does nicotine do to eyes?
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Find out how smoking damages your eyes | OptimaxMay 30, 2019 — Abnormal eye movements: Nicotine, the most addictive component of tobacco smoke, interferes with the balance centre in your brain. This can The Effects of Nicotine on the Human ElectroretinogramDec 9, 2011 — Responses were recorded from one eye of each subject using a bipolar changes in humans that can directly and indirectly affect the retina

How smoking harms your eyes - All About VisionSufferers of dry eye can experience eye redness, itchiness, a "foreign body" sensation and even watery eyes. Tobacco smoke is a known eye irritant and worsens How Does Smoking Tobacco Impact Your Eyes? | Nature's BestStudies tell us the chemicals in smoke can rupture the protective layer of tears, sometimes causing irreversible damage.xxvii Without this shield to keep eyes 

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