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Why is WeChat being banned?

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WeChat: Judge blocks US attempts to ban downloads ofSep 20, 2020 — The ban on the Chinese-owned messaging and payments apps was to come in on The messenger app WeChat is seen among U.S. flags in this football being kicked on a field - Vauxhall image blurred in the background

WeChat: why Donald Trump's push to ban the app would beOct 14, 2020 — Donald Trump issued an executive order on August 6 placing the Chinese-owned app in the firing line, claiming it was a “threat” to US national security. The order propelled the US Department of Commerce into action to propose banning WeChat from US app stores and prohibit money transfers using the appWeChat ban: What you need to know - The Washington PostSep 18, 2020 — Communication and payments app WeChat isn't as splashy as TikTok, which is also scheduled to be banned, but for the people who use it to 

Why is WeChat being banned
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Commerce Department Prohibits WeChat and TikTokSep 18, 2020 — Should the U.S. Government determine that WeChat's or TikTok's illicit behavior is being replicated by another app somehow outside the scope 

What is WeChat and why does President Trump want to ban itAug 7, 2020 — President Donald Trump on Thursday signed an executive order banning the use of WeChat in the United States, a ban that would extend to Judge again blocks Trump administration push to ban WeChatOct 23, 2020 — '” President Trump issued an executive order in August to ban WeChat, invoking the Emergency Economic Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act. The administration also sought to ban video sharing app TikTok, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, on the same grounds, and President Trump demanded the company be sold

Why is WeChat being banned?
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In the WeChat Case, the U.S. Government Doesn't Care If ItDec 4, 2020 — So the Trump administration's decision to ban WeChat has disastrous consequences for the ability of millions of Americans to communicate, What a WeChat ban would mean for Americans - CNNSep 20, 2020 — What a WeChat ban would mean for Americans. By Shannon Liao and 2020 was supposed to be the year of streaming. Instead, it was the 

U.S. government says upcoming WeChat ban won't target usersSep 16, 2020 — A looming U.S. ban on the Chinese app WeChat won't target people who use the app to communicate, according to a government court filing Trump targeted both WeChat and TikTok with US bans – whySep 18, 2020 — Trump targeted both WeChat and TikTok with US bans – why then did it seem Tencent was getting an easier ride?

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